Houston, TX Furniture Refinishing

Houston Refinishing is a furniture refinishing company in Houston, TX. Houston refinishing is a related company to Elegant Upholstery but not part of Elegant Upholstery. Houston refinishing is a joint venture between Sam of Elegant Upholstery and Ricardo. Sam has years of experience in the upholstery business at Elegant Upholstery as well as years of experience refinishing furniture. Ricardo adds over 25 years of experience in the refinishing business and is an expert at what he does.

Houston Refinishing offers furniture restoration services for your damaged furniture and your antiques and family heirlooms. We also can completely change the color of your furniture. We can touch-up minor scratches and defects at your home without any sign of the previous damage. We offer pick-up and delivery services to Houston and the surrounding areas. We offer: chair refinishing, dining table refinishing, hutch refinishing, dresser refinishing, cabinet refinishing, coffee table refinishing and more. If you need your furniture refinished, recovered, or completely restored to like-new condition Elegant Upholstery is a convenient option.

We are able to repair just about any damage to wood. We can fabricate wooden parts for furniture that we cannot repair. If you are looking for a great furniture refinishing company near you, look no further. Contact us now.

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